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The Kavinoky Theatre, a professional theatre on the campus of D'Youville College, will continue its 36th season with the production of BOTH YOUR HOUSES – written by Maxwell Anderson and directed by David Lamb. This limited engagement opens on November 13 and runs through December 6, 2015. The veteran cast includes Chris Evans, Peter Palmisano, Norm Sham, Aleks Malejs, Christian Brandjes, Jessica Wegrzyn, Kevin Craig, Kurt Erb, Anne Gayley, Greg Gjurich, Robert Insana, Tim Joyce, Russ Papia, Gerry Maher, Kurt Guba, and Steve Jakiel.

Picture, if you will, a Congress without compromise. Now, picture those politicians being more interested in lining their own pockets than serving the American people. Sound like a CNN headline?  “The more things change, the more they stay the same” could be the tag line for this great take on American politics…past AND present.

With a plot that could have been pulled straight from today’s headlines, this hilarious political satire is as relevant today as when it won the Pulitzer Prize in 1933. When an idealistic young congressman tries to expose corruption by introducing a bill so stuffed with pork it surely can’t pass, this comic masterpiece kicks into high gear. Full of colorful characters, sharp wit, and a plot so reminiscent of current politics you’ll be shaking your head, this deadly accurate satire will ring in your thoughts long after you’ve left the theatre. With the charm of the classic film Mr. Smith goes to Washington and the timeliness and trickery of television’s Scandal, this theatrical masterpiece is the perfect companion to the current primary season.


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